Mafia City Game: But you've got to look at the actual number of people that visit Reddit and use your social media, and it's maybe 10% of your player base - maybe. The biggest part don't read reviews, and they don't read Steam reviews. You can get these bombs, a huge amount of negative reviews, but it's just the way it works on the net these days; you've got a hive mind, mob mentality kind of thing, or bandwagoning behind people. And look, people have a right to say what they want, y'know , but with some reviews I feel bad because it'll say something like 'Performance is shitty', but when we improve it they won't go back and change that review. Price is a combustible issue in that respect. Studio Wildcard suffered a backlash forincreasing the priceof Ark ahead of its retail launch. You've been quite vocal about wanting to leave Early Access after six months, and you're at $30 now. Will that stay the same?
BG: We don't have a plan to increase at the moment. That could change, but from my understanding, and from what we've talked about internally, we want to keep the same price.
For a game like PUBG, having more people playing is better for the experience overall.
BG: Exactly... We're happy. $30 is a good price for what you're getting, and this is a game that could last for five or ten years. You're buying into something bigger than just a year-long game. How much more room is there to grow on the PC specifically?
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In addition, the Taiwan Chinese Traditional version of the game (黑道風雲) also has been launched.
Author: SmallSheepDudugo