For the longest time, Gareth Bale continues to be touted as being the next contender to the Ballon D’Or award, truly, it simply hasn’t quite clicked for your Welshman.

Big things were expected from Bale this year after it became clear that Cristiano Ronaldo was leaving so was Zinedine Zidane, opening an opportunity with the Welsh wizard to end up being the talisman in the Bernabeu.

But the opposite has recently happened, and Bale has slipped up more.

Scoring just three goals in La Liga this coming year, the first sort Spurs man has flattered to mmoah deceive with the exceptional rating of 88 in FIFA 19 already looks supremely generous.

We expect the winger to slip two notches to 86.

Manchester United have stuttered and faltered their way throughout the first half of in FIFA 19 Coins for sale 2010, and amidst the disappointing start, some players have fallen under fire.

United aren’t scoring enough goals, and Romelu Lukaku might be partly responsible for it.