But if that's true, that's another question. Because there are a few other online role-playing games that can be played both on the PC and on mobile devices. These include AdventureQuest 3D, Pixel Worlds, Pocket Legends, Nebula Online and Arcane Legends. These titles are also cross platform compatible. And also Albion Online offers a mobile version that can be played on the RuneScape Mobile Gold tablet.

The situation is not that clear, neither for Runescape nor for Villagers of Heroes.Gerd Schuhmann says: The joke is here that Runescape said they are the first "big western MMORPG" that offers cross-play. So it was said at least in the German press release, which we have. There hovers with: "What have made any second-rate MMOs since before, is not worth mentioning."

How to define "big" is such a thing. Runescape probably means something like "first class." In the first league, other developers want to Buy RS Gold play.

In MMOs, there are unspoken status differences between the established MMORPGs of major publishers, the AAA products (WoW, ESO, GW2, FF14), and the games of smaller publishers, who appear much less often in the media. Such an opportunity will not be missed.