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Cigarette Graphic Warning Labels Violate First Amendment

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  • Cigarette Graphic Warning Labels Violate First Amendment

    Food and Drug Administration graphic labels that tobacco companies assailed and public health groups heralded. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and other companies sued the government in Washington's federal trial court to block enforcement of the FDA label rules Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale. "These inflammatory images and the provocatively-named hotline cannot rationally be viewed as pure attempts to convey information to consumers," Judge Janice Rogers Brown wrote for the majority. The companies disputed the proposed requirement that all packs carry graphic images depicting potential harmful effects of tobacco use Cigarettes Online Usa Only. Francisco, who argued in the appeals court in April, was not immediately reached for comment this morning. Raymond Randolph, said many of the images don't offer information about the health effects of smoking Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online. None of the images Wholesale Usa Cigarettes, the judge said, are "patently false." But, Brown said, "they certainly do not impart purely factual, accurate, or uncontroversial information to consumers." Writing in dissent, Judge Judith Rogers said the trial judge Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale, Richard Leon, who granted summary judgment in favor of the tobacco companies, disregarded cigarette manufacturers' deceptive advertising practices.
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