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After the failure of MapleStory 2 Buy Mesos

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  • After the failure of MapleStory 2 Buy Mesos

    The famous IP-based mobile version called MapleStory M premiered in Korea and here is our quick feel about it product.

    After the failure of Pocket MapleStory, Nexon immediately ventured into MapleStory 2 Buy Mesos developing another mobile version depending on the famous online legend MapleStory. To date, the newest title, called MapleStory M, may be officially released on App Story and Google Play inside the Korean market.

    If you remember, MapleStory appeared at the identical time with GunBound, TS Online, PTV, MU ... and quickly ranked players together with these legendary games. However, last year, Nexon made a decision to bring MapleStory from Vietnam, which made Vietnamese gamers extremely regrettable. In the final, from the hearts of people that love real games, they are going to find it not easy to Buy MS 2 Mesos discover a product. replace.

    But now, with MapleStory M launching, the experience is judged as a perfect rendition with the MapleStory world on cellular devices from maps to game features for example monsters, pets, costumes, and even more. is promising to fill the gap, bring the nostalgia on the old days to gamers world generally speaking and Vietnamese gamers particularly.

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