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I even played MapleStory 2 Gold

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  • I even played MapleStory 2 Gold

    It would have been a fool who ignored the effectiveness of Maple Story. However, we arguably weren’t fools for not troubling you together with the news of an MapleStory 2 a few weeks ago. At that point Korean publishers Nexon had only offered a useless teaser site. Now there’s a trailer for making something of the MapleStory 2 Gold more useful announcement.

    You don’t worry about MapleStory, you say? Sure, it’s not really core RPS material. But we must be interested it in anthropologically, basically. This is really a game that’s seen over 67 million players, and earned a lot more than $300m before it absolutely was even famous. It’s a phenomenon, no question. And now it’s got an incredibly stupid CGI trailer, detailed with dubstep.

    I even played it once, back about 2006. It was platformy.The sequel is, apparently, to stay 3D. Which is quite an immense departure from the main, if definitely true. Here’s the entirely unhelpful CGI trailer , those will be the cutest mushrooms I’ve experienced.The game is because of go into beta a while next year, if you won’t participate in it, but be utterly dazzled by how many do.

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